The history

Since 1900

The campsite sits on an ancient brickyard. The stones have been carved out from the quarry in surrounding mountains, carried to the brickyard in mine carts, and now have been turned into flower pots which are sitting there for you to admire, just outside the bar’s entrance.

The stones were placed in the brickyard’s ovens to be heated for a whole week, turning into lime. After cooling down, they were loaded on a “Comballo”, a typical boat of Lake Como, used to transport goods.

The area was first converted into a campsite after World War I, while the brickyard was still operating.

The compelling beauty of the place proved to go beyond the essential services it provided, attracting several foreign visitors eager to experience it. However, once the brickyard finally closed down, it was completely abandoned for several years leaving only the camping functioning. The turning point arrived with a change of management in 1992 when part of the ancient building was restored with the creation of a bar to the exclusive use of the camping guests. Such reform has proven to be a major improvement to the services provided by the camping.

In 2007, the camp was handed over to its second generation of administrators, bringing further amazing changes. Upon assuming its post, the new management then opened this little piece of heaven to the public, allowing both guests and visitors alike to enjoy both the bar and pizzeria. The once small and camper only bar has now become an amusing and dynamic place, where you can experience a warm and friendly atmosphere while enjoying a breath-taking view of the lake and the stunning Grigna Mountains.

1980 - Camping
1980 - Bar
A family and relaxed atmosphere