Internal regulation

  • All campers must adhere to the internal regulations of the campsite and are liable to penalties which could include the termination of their contract and the expulsion from the campsite. 

  • Time to set camp up in the pitches is from 12.00 pm to 9.00 pm and in presence of the staff of the camping site, departure has to be prior to 12.00 pm, departing from the pitch after 12.00 pm will result on the charging of another daily rate.

  • Should you arrive after the pre-booked date, OR in case of an early departure the entire pre-booked stay will be charged.

  • Should you wish to extend the period of your stay, you must contact the reception within 12.00 pm of the day before the scheduled departure.

  • Minimum stay is 1 night.

  • Guests are required to know the opening time of the reception.

  • Guests are required to pay the total amount of the stay at the moment of Check-in.

  • All campers and visitors, adults and children alike, are required present their Personal documents at the moment of the arrival, failing to do so will prevent admission to the camping. Underage guests are only admitted if in possession of a personal identification document with picture and if accompanied by relatives.

  • Guests must supervise and confirm the information details being logged at the moment of their check in, and inform the staff member should any discrepancies have been noticed. (pitch, arrival/ departure date/ number of guests)

  • Access to the camping must, in all circumstances, be authorized by the Reception. Visitors can enter the camping site area only by walking and accompanied by the staying Guest. The entrance of underage visitors is not allowed unless if accompanied by their legal guardians.

  • Campers are responsible for the behaviour of their visitors while inside the camp site.

  • Only one equipment is allowed per pitch (tent, caravan, motor home etc.)

  • The Reception has the right (before the arrival of the Guest or also during the stay in case of emergency) to change the number of the pitch, even after the down payment has been paid.

  • Customers are not permitted to transfer the reservation to third parties without La Fornace’s prior consent. 

  • The presence of pets is at discretion of the Reception, allowing small pets with respect for rules and regulations of the campsite, for a maximum of 2 pets per pitch. Pets have to be in possession of vaccination certificates and copy of health certificate. Their presence has to be indicated at the moment of booking.

  • Dogs must be kept on the leash (maximum length 150 cm) and be provided of muzzle. They have to be supervised by their owners and accompanied out of the Camping for their needs and that, in any case, must be collected. Pets must never be left alone and unguarded. It is forbidden to bring pets in the playing area.

  • Any damage caused to third parties or facilities of camping by animals are of full responsibility of the owner.

  • Behaviour, activities, games and use of equipment that could disturb other Guests are prohibited at all times.

  • Adults are responsible for their children or minors travelling with them: they must guarantee that their children’s behaviour does not disturb the tranquillity and safety of the camping guests.

  • During the time of silence and tranquillity (from 02.00 pm until 4:00 pm and from 00.00 am until 7:30 am), the circulation of motor vehicles, the use of noisy electronic devices ; the use of sports and leisure equipment; to set up and strike tents is forbidden.

  • Only cars and motorbikes reported to the reception will be allowed to access the camp site.

  • Only one car per pitch (subject to payment of € 2,00 per night) is allowed. The property has a free, reserved and enclosed parking lot.

  • Vehicles parked in not authorized spots may be removed, at the expense of the owner.

  • Caravans, motorhome or vans have to be approved and to be in conformity with the road act in force.

  • On the campsite grounds it is forbidden to: 
    a) Throw rubbish, since litter bins are provided
    b) Dig holes or trenches in the ground;
    c) Light fires; 
    d) Spoil the vegetation;
    e) Dispose of oils, fuel, or any liquids, that are boiling, salty or destined for rubbish, either on the ground or in the drains for the collection of rainwater; 
    f) Wash the car or other vehicles on the grounds;
    g) Do the laundry, dishes or washing-up outside of the washing facilities provided;
    h) Wash anything at all under the water from the taps situated around the campsite;
    i) waste water or use it inappropriately;
    l) put up fencing or canopies, tie or anchor anything at all to the plants, position ropes on head or face level or install anything else that might constitute a potential danger or create an obstacle
    m) drive faster than walking pace
    n) display any commercial advice

  • All objects found on the campsite must be delivered to the office or information office in accordance with legal requirements.

  • The use of sports and leisure equipment id’s allowed at your own risk and always after the agreement of the staff of the Camping.

  • We recommend guests to pay attention to personal belongings and to never leave unattended money or any other high-value property.

  • The management does not account for accidents, theft or damage caused by other Guests, by a higher force, through natural disaster nor cases which are not however a result of negligence on the part of the campsite staff.

  • Anytime you leave the campsite you have to remove any electrical devices (including refrigerators and freezers).The campsite shall not be liable in any way for damage caused by electricity interruption.


Admission or Booking with Camping La Fornace requires the viewing and acceptance of these regulations.